The High School Affiliated To Beijing Normal University
              President's Welcome Remarks
                 Century BJSDFZ, Century Greats!
                      Welcome to the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal Universiy!
            The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, as one of the well-known secondary schools in China, has had a significant impact on both domestic and international. This school has maintained a large number of knowledgeable and noble morality teachers. This school has advanced ideas of education and distinctive school characteristics. Moreover, this school has possessed modern facilities and excellent learning environment. I believe you do like her whenever you come here. Students will receive the best education here, and build a solid foundation for future development and for admitting to the ideal university as well.
              Brief Introduction
            Founded on November 2nd, 1901, the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University is one of the oldest public secondary schools in China.

            Even during the early days of the school, it was closely related to educational development in China. Therefore, the success of the school itself has been an indispensable component of the achievements made in China's educational history. Since the foundation of the school 100 years ago, it has cultivated a large number of distinguished graduates, who are now striving for the development of our country.

            The former leaders of our school and the alumni, both of home and abroad, have made unique contributions to every single success achieved by the school. In continuing this tradition, all our current teaching staff, under the leadership of the principal, is working diligently and creatively for a better future. As a result of the great efforts they have made, the school has established a reputation for well-qualified teachers, scientific and efficient administration, as vitality, the school is sure to make greater contributions to the basic education undertakings in China.
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            [2018-08-18] BJSDFZ Robot Club Wins Fourth Place At The
            “First Global”Robotics Challenge in Mexico!
            [2017-11-29] The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal
            University recently held the summer school
            education exhibition with top American
            Universities in our campus
            [2017-06-16] The Belt and Road National Chinese Education
            Exchange Forum was held
            [2017-06-02] The American educational delegation visited our schoolnew
            [2015-04-10] A visit from Tarporley High School & Sixth Form College
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